Fishing guides in British Columbia - Steve Kaye Sports Fishing

Welcome to Steve Kaye Sport fishing guides in British Columbia Fishing (formerly Streamside Adventures) it is my goal to give you the best guided fishing experience possible. I have worked professionally in the sport fishing industry since 1994 and have guided hundreds of anglers in British Columbia, Harrison River and the Chilliwack/Vedder River in the Fraser valley of British Columbia Canada.

The Fraser River and Harrison fishing guides in British Columbia Rivers are located just outside of British Columbia and have some of the best salmon fishing in the province. We are fortunate to have runs of all 5 species of pacific salmon including Chinook Salmon (kings), Coho Salmon (silvers), Sockeye Salmon (Reds), Pink Salmon (Humpies), and Chum Salmon are available to our fishing guide clients. Fishing guide charters in British Columbia are available from June until late November.

Our fishing guides in British Columbia will also take you Sturgeon fishing. If the Fraser River were to have a signature fish than the White Sturgeon would be it! These prehistoric relics are simply incredible big game sport fish. Sturgeon are unbelievably strong hard fighting guides in British Columbia I absolutely never get tired of seeing these fish getting airborne, you just have not been fishing until you see a sturgeon of 100,200,300lbs or more flying threw the air while attached to the end of your line. The feeling of watching helplessly as the line disappears off the reel while we have to leave the anchor and give chase before we get spooled is something that you will never forget. White sturgeon are not dossal bottom feeding slugs, they are true big game sport fish. Our Sturgeon fishing guides in British Columbia will give you a great experience! But be careful these fish can be addicting!

Our fishing guides in British Columbia, know that the Fraser Valley is also blessed fishing guides in British Columbia with a solid winter steelhead fishery. These elusive fish are highly prized buy anglers looking for that special angling challenge. Our fishing guides in British Columbia will show you that steelhead fishing is a walk and wade fishery so be prepared to do some hiking! Our winter steelhead are between 7 and 15 lbs and are available from January through April.

If you'd like our fishing guides in British Columbia to provide you with a Salmon, Sturgeon or Steelhead fishing adventure in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia then give me a call. You have my personal guarantee that you will get a quality professional fishing guide experience.